The fifth in line to the British throne, Prince Harry, rocked the Kensington Palace Charity concert with Coldplay on Tuesday. He joined the band on stage, praising it for its time and support.

Prince Harry organized the charity concert.

Lately, the British Prince has been making the headlines. It is not only his love-life that is in the limelight right now but also his charity activities. And this was one of them - his charity called Sentebale that is based in Lesotho, Africa. It was aided by Coldplay through this Tuesday's concert. The royal residence, the Kensington Palace, opened up its East Lawn to the first-ever charity concert to raise money for Sentebale and to raise awareness of youth that is affected by AIDS/HIV in the sub-Saharan part of Africa.

Prince addressed the audience.

Before introducing the band to the stage, the prince addressed the audience about what people know about the disease and that everyone has a responsibility to educate themselves about the HIV virus. Later, it was reported that Prince Harry got up during Brit rock band's finale performance at the Kensington Palace gig. He bowed down to Chris Martin, the front-man of the band, and he thanked the band together with a choir of young children from Lesotho.

Coldplay acknowledged Prince Harry's charity work.

On the other hand, Martin joked that the band just had a rehearsal at a small country farm, referring to the sold-out concert at Glastonbury Festival just last weekend.

The lead singer also noted that they were present at Kensington Palace to support Prince Harry and the significance of the work he was doing everywhere to help the ones in need.Coldplay performed a 10-song gig to 3,000 people who grabbed the tickets that sold out in merely less than an hour.

Prince Harry spoke about AIDS/HIV.

In addition to thanking the band, Prince Harry also warmly thanked the audience who attended the gig for the charity while standing out in the rain, adding that they drive safely home. His speech also touched on the significant challenges of Africa where young and vulnerable people were robbed off of their childhoods and were forced to work because of extreme poverty as well as the loss of one or both parents because of the catastrophic AIDS/HIV that spread throughout the nation.

He also mentioned that there were cases wherein the "lady of the house" was a 12-year-old girl who looked after her sisters and brothers.

All the money that was obtained from the charity concert by Coldplay will be used to fund the programs that are beneficial to the children of Lesotho who are suffering from the disease. Currently, Prince Harry's charity has extended its arms toBotswana, a nearby African country.

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