Garth Ennis' epic comic book series Preacher is a gritty, vulgar, gory, and entertaining saga that always seemed at home inside a few boxes laid out on a page. Adapting this series, warts and all, for the television audience was going to be a massive challenge, but Seth Rogen and AMC proved without a doubt that they were up for the task by delivering a stellar first episode.

Finding the right host

The sentiments of Garth Ennis and all Preacher fans were perfectly represented in the opening minutes of the series, when a powerful, shapeless entity makes its way around the universe in search of the right host.

It is seen moving from one righteous soul to the next on our planet, absolutely destroying those that didn't make the cut. The action packed story plays out from the point of view of three central characters from the original story, adapted for the modern era.

Jesse Custer, a preacher who has nearly lost faith in his church, is seen tackling the problems of his town along with the ones created by his own sordid past. His path intertwines with Tulip O'Hare, a no-nonsense straight shooter who is looking for Jesse's special skills in order to take on an illegal job.

Also thrown into the mix is Cassidly, an Irish vampire with a wicked sense of humor, who provides the perfect comedic balance to an otherwise tense first episode.

Adapting with love

The entertainment industry today consists of a high volume of adaptations and sequels, created simply for the purpose of milking a good idea. Preacher, however, was created with a very different idea in mind. Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Sam Catlin are massive fans of the graphic novel, and they understand the essence of the source material perfectly.

Coupled with the freedom and trust given to them by AMC, the team managed to pull off an incredible start to a story that deserves nothing short of perfection. The story line is extremely similar to the one played out in the novel, but the changes sprinkled throughout the pilot were absolutely spot on. The fight sequence featuring Cassidy in the plane made me realize that the series is definitely in safe hands.

The casting was excellent, with each character, especially Dominic Cooper looking and playing the part. The strong cinematography and the use of a comic-book style to depict certain scenes had a great effect on the end product. The episode ends with a stunning encounter between Jesse and the entity, making it clear that the relationship between the two would form the crux of the episodes to follow.

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