The latestPokémon game,Pokémon Go, has been lauded by players as helping their mental health and social lives, but the game has still come under criticism for putting players in dangerous situations.

Mental and Social health benefits

Pokémon Gouses your phone’s GPS and clock to allow users to find (and catch) Pokémon in real places on your phone screen. The game has been lauded as sort of serving as a “health app,” as it requires players to move around in order to play.However, there may be more health benefits for users than just on the physical plane.

Pennsylvania’s Emily Crowthorn, an artist and avid Pokémon player, claimed that playing the game helped her overcome severe panic attacks. Referring to the game as “therapeutic,” Crowthorn claimed that the games helped give her the stability to go outside when previous panic attacks had caused her to be confined in her house for periods at a time.

The game is also said to help people’s social health, as it allows interaction between players. According to sources, players can easily identify each other due to the Pokémon characters appearing in specific spots.

According to Crowthorn, not only did the game allow her to befriend strangers, it also reportedly helped her reunite with old friends.

Social media has also lauded Pokémon Gofor these benefits in the players’ lives, as can be seen below:

Players placed in dangerous situations

That said, there has been some controversy about Pokémon Go, as it can also distract playerswhen using mobile phones.

While the game is structured to prevent us from driving, as the game will not work if a player is going more than a certain miles per hour, there have been accounts of people jaywalking and harming themselves while using the game.

New York's subways have publicly issued a warning to players on social media, as seen below:

In Wyoming, a recent story was released claiming a local teenage girl, Shayla Wiggins, finding a corpse while playing Pokémon Go.

After the game led her to walk around Big Wind River, where she had hoped to find water-themed Pokémon, she encountered the dead man’s body in the river, who police, while not identifying, say that he may have accidentally drowned in the river.In Missouri, another story came out that thieves had been using the game to lure victims. As the game employs specific locations, around 11 players, most of whom were believed to be playing by themselves, were said to be victimized.

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