Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, everyone seems to be playing it, no matter where you are, where you go, who you are, it has just become the new craze. Even celebs can’t refrain from playing the new Pokemon game. First Johnny Manziel was seeing playing it in a club and now Justin Bieber has been spotted at it too.

Pokemon Go players didn’t even notice Justin Bieber was standing right next to them

Justin Bieber is just like the rest of us, he is just as mesmerized by Pokemon Go as everyone else.

He was seen near Central Park in NYC playing the game on his phone, and nobody seemed to recognise him. He was walking down the street, playing the game, no disguise needed as everybody around him was too busy on their phones playing the same game to notice him walking by.

Pokemon Go fan Justin Bieber is filmed running around NY catching Pokemon

It was yesterday morning that the ‘Sorry’ singer was filmed by his manager Scooter Braun running around New York trying to catch the rare Pokemon that he was after.

If passers by and fellow players had taken just one minute to look up from their phones they would have noticed the famous singer was standing right by them.

Braun posted the video of Biebs on Instagram and wrote “This is amazing @johny lol. @justinbieber and @alfredoflores in nyc looking for Pokemon and no one looks at who is next to them.”

Pokemon Go has celebs running around like the rest of us

An additional famous celeb who is obsessed by the new game is singer, guitarist and song writer John Mayer.

He has apparently spent $99.999 on PokeCoins and even posted a screenshot of his purchase. Tyga is also obsessed, he was seen ignoring his on/off girlfriend Kylie Jenner as he was checking for Pokemon around him at the airport in Budapest.

Nick Jonas tweeted the other day about Demi Lovato being obsessed with Pokemon Go. Demi and Nick are currently touring together and Nick Jonas commented that she was constantly playing the game and couldn’t put her phone down.

Pokemon Go has been a massive but it has apparently also caused some car crashes and has given thieves the opportunity to pick pocket while game players are completely distracted by the game.

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