Man has always had a fascination with being God. It's the ability to have unlimited power and be the ultimate boss. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to play that part?Unfortunately, playing God never turns out well for those who dare to attempt it. Just look at T.V. This topic has been rehashed over and over again and no matter who is telling the story, the result it always the same. Here's a look at a few television shows where the main character tried to be God with terrible consequences. Major spoilers to follow!

1. Playing a cruelGod

The Twilight Zone frequently dealt with issues of loneliness and it was usually against the backdrop of a solo trip to space. In "The Little People," three astronauts embark on a journey to explore a new world. What they find is a tiny colony of people. While two of the astronauts treat the beings with respect, Navigator Peter Craig (Joe Maross) develops a god complex and decides to start bullying the residents of the tiny town.

He has them build a statue of him in his honor and while the other two astronauts escape his madness in a spaceship, Craig stays on the planet to rule his new kingdom.

The problem arises when Craig discovers that the other inhabitants of the planet are giants. Karma at its finest.

2. Playing an incompetent God

In 2002 Futurama came out with what maybe one of the funniest episodes that it has ever created. In "Godfellas,"the robot Bender gets lost in space and a tiny colony of people called the Shrimpkins attaches itself to his chest. This maybe starting to sound redundant, but Futurama put a comedic spin on it.

A host of issues arises as Bender uses the Shrimpkins to his advantage. He has them build a beer distillery, which maims many of the workers. Moved by their plight, Bender sheds a tear for his tiny followers but instead of helping, it starts a flood that almost kills his prophetMalachi's son.

On another occasion, the people ask for sunlight to nourish their crops. WhenBender uses his built-in sun shield to answer their prayers, it starts a fire that almost burns down the entire village.

This episode is basically the misadventures of Bender attempting to be God and it's so funny that this article's description of the events cannot begin to do it justice.

The telling scene is at the end, when Bender's attempts to help the Shrimpkins have all backfired and he meets the actual God. He learns a valuable and quotable lesson. "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."

3. Playing aSupernaturalGod

Supernaturalhas covered every other worldly event known to man.

In 2011, season six came to an end with "The Man Who Knew Too Much". It featured everyone's favorite angel Castiel (Misha Collins) at a moral crossroads.

If you've ever watched the show, you know that Castiel has never been one to follow orders. He goes with what he feels is best and when he can't get God to intervene in what he feels is a dire situation, he goes to Purgatory to absorb the power of millions of souls. Afterwards, he declares himself to be "God." What he really did was kill off his characterfor the better part of season sevenand release one of the weakest villains to date, the Leviathans.

There are tons of other examples of why no character should go this route. The only exception seems to be Dr. Who, where the main character plays God in every episode and gets away with it. Otherwise, it's the Pandora's box waiting to open a can of worms on whoever dares to touch it. So follow television's advice and stay away from this route.

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