Pippa Middleton is engaged to James Matthews, who is a hedge fund manager by trade. He is soon to become a man with bragging rights as he will be the brother-in-law to the couple who will one day take over the throne in England! Pippa is of course the younger sister of Kate Middleton, who is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Down on one knee

According to MSN News, the couple plan to marry next year. The 32-year-old Pippa was proposed to while the couple was away in the Lake District. Matthews got down on one knee and popped the question.

The statement was released on the heels of Pippa being photographed in public sporting a diamond engagement ring.

James Matthews is not someone who is traditionally seen in the headlines, but now that he is marrying into a family whose members are the in-laws of royalty, he will probably become a household name. He will also have to get used to the paparazzi now that his name is attached to Pippa in a promise to marry.

Pippa's famous asset

It has been a while since Pippa has been in the news, but who can forget how she made her debut in the headlines the day her big sister Kate married Prince William.

Pippa harbored an asset that was accentuated in her maid of honor gown and this madeher instantly famous across the globe. That would be her famous backside.

Sewing oats

For a while there, she was seen as the female version of Prince Harry, as the two had plenty of wild oats to sew. Both went through escapades that more often than not landed them in the headlines. Many people thought Pippa and Harry might make a good pair, but that never panned out.

She went from partying hardy to writing a cook book, one that moved off the shelves at a snail's pace. After that she kind of disappeared.

Journey of Pippa's behind

Periodically Pippa would surface in pictures with Kate Middleton, but it seems as if she's remained pretty low-key in comparison to the first few years after Kate's wedding. She shot to fame with a backside that kept plastic surgeons busy as they were inundated with requests for that perfect rear-end seen on Pippa Middleton!

She gave Jennifer Lopez and even Kim Kardashian a run for their money when it came to the media comparing the most famous backsides of modern-times. But once the Pippa dust had settled, it was back to the Kim Kardashianbackside that went back on top and remains there still today.

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