Pippa Middleton, the sister of England’s future Queen has just got engaged to her long term boyfriend James Matthews, the good looking couple are rumored to be planning the wedding for next year.

The fiancé of the youngest of the Middletons is a successful professional and CEO of the Eden Rock Capital Management Group. Eden Rock Retreat is Matthews’ parents luxurious resort in St Barths.

Pippa Middleton’s fiance is new to the public eye

E!Online will soon publish a profile on the mysterious hunk who will no doubt become a very talked about public figure as he get closer to becoming part of the Royal family.

In the meantime, what we know is that James is a sports lover, he particularly enjoys skiing, something that he does regularly with his family and has already enjoyed with Pippa. He and Pippa participated in the Norwegian ski tournament at Birkebeinerand managed to complete the tournament in just six hours.

Pippa Middleton can only hope that her new beau is not like his younger brother Spencer Matthews

Pippa’s man is the older brother of Spencer Matthews who is a complete ladies’ man in the UK’s hit reality TV show‘Made In Chelsea’.

He is someone that viewers love to hate due to the way in which he treats his girlfriends, having a long history of infidelity and problems with commitment. Fans of the Royals can only hope that his older brother James is nothing like him. The TV series shows the extravagant and elitist life of the most privileged and young Londoners.

Pippa Middleton is likely to choose little Prince George as a ring bearer

Apparently the engagement has come as a bit of a surprise to Pippa but the couple are said to be extremely happy about this exciting and busy time. Discussions on the wedding have already begun, no doubt it will be one of the most talked about events of 2017. Prince George is thought to be the one who will carry the rings up the wedding isle.

Some of the guests expected to attend include Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Eugenia and Princess Beatrice, as well as many other Royals who have become connected to the Middleton family.

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