Mariah Carey is a celebrity who is known and loved for her curves, and for always embracing them. However she has also always been one in the middle of conversation when it comes to thepowers of photoshop. Just take a look at any of her recent album covers, with her super smooth legs and seemingly blurred facial features, as well as the various articles about them, and you'll also see the star does not shy away from some editing every now and then.

Mariah's Instagram photoshop controversy

Despite this known fact, Carey has some of her fans up in arms over a recent picture she uploaded to her Instagram, with some calling the diva out for now choosing to photoshop her personal photos as well.The 46-year-old pop star's latest personal snaps have seen her holidaying in Europe with her Australian fiance James Packer.

The most recent upload which is under fire shows Mariah departing from a personal jet dressed in a figure-hugging outfit. Showing off her body in a a black top and leather mini skirt, topped off with fishnet stockings, Mariah certainly does look slimmer, and it has left many people wondering.Captioning the picture with "Friggin world traveller," some of her 40 million followers have commented on the photo congratulating the singer on what could be some recent weight loss on her part. However not all are convinced, with many others instead slamming the star for using photoshop to significantly slim down her waistline.

More than just photoshop

Not only is there speculation over whether it's photoshopped or not, the snap is also being called out for being completely staged.

Whilethe five-time Grammy award winner did in fact land in London on Monday with Packer, it's known Carey actually arrived via helicopter and not a jet. She was also captured arriving wearing a completely different outfit which consisted of some black gladiator bootiesand a black pencil dress thatleft little to the imagination.In fact Mariah has been more than happy to show off her body lately,posting many sexy picture to her personal Instagramin recent days.

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