Many reports from Bollywood circles recently indicated that things are not well between actor Arbaaz Khan and his wife, Malaika.

In the midst of all these rumors, Arbaaz has been spotted partying with an unknown babe in Goa. The actor himself shared some of their photos through his official Instagram account on July 21, 2016.

As per Arbaz's words, the cute girl's name in the picture is Yellow Mehra, and he also captioned the snap.

Some months back, both Malika and Khan had issued a statement confirming their separation.

Are they heading towards a divorce?

But around a week back, many tabloids reported that both the stars are trying to reconcile the issues. And now, as the new images have surfaced, we can confirm that they are heading towards a divorce.

According to a report from the Hindustan Times, Arbaaz and Mehra are meeting for some time now, and it is not a secret in their family. The pair has been seen many times, and they have been dating for quite a while, and their relationship is reportedly going well.

The 48-year-old celebrity will be next seen in Tera Intezar. He will be doing a very different role in this outing. He has been paired opposite the ravishing Sunny Leone. His brother is directing thisfilm.

Close sources to the two said that they are already prepared for a breakup, and have now recovered from the unexpected adios.

Recently, the Dabangg girl was seen spending some quality moments in Maldives.

Her bikini pictures too went viral on social media sites, and it showed that she is also now leading a normal life.

Malaika's name was also dragged into controversy when Salman Khan, the brother-in-law of the actress avoided her during the India Got Talent reality show.

The dancer was one of the judges in the prime time soap, and the muscular hunk had reached the spot to promote his movie Sulatan.

Even after seeing her, he did not smile or say even a Hi, which indicated that the Khan family is not fine with the moves of Mallika.

They both have a teenage son, and it is still not sure if he stays with his mother or with the Khandan.

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