Yesterday was the debut of four films, books, and television shows that predicted the loss of identity. Since conformity is such a common theme in science fiction, it's only right that there would be a second list to shine the light on some other works that explored this subject. So, here are a few more films and booksthat also painted a dire picture of what the loss of identity would look like in the future.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm iswritten by George Orwell and is an allegory using farm animals in the place of people.

In this Book, the farm animals stage a revolt against their tyrannical farm owners and retake the land. Unfortunately, they put the pigs in charge of the farm and the lesson learned is that regime change doesn't always equal situational changes. If you happen to read the book, take a special look at the character Boxer. He was the strongest and most loyal to the new regime. His story is a lesson that sometimes it's better to be an independent thinker rather than being willfully naive.

Farenheit 451

Who better than Ray Bradbury to tell the story of dystopian society than the man who brought us the ever popularStar Trek. In Farenheit 451, the loss of identity comes through the manipulation of information. In this society firefighters are used to burn books rather than stop fires.

When fellow firefighter Guy Montag steals a book that he's supposed to burn, he goes through a journey of enlightenment, not only to understand the book that he's stolen, but also to understand himself and his place in society. If you get a chance, it's an interesting read. As a side note, there have been at least two attempts to adapt this book to film and television. Skip both versions and read the book.

The films are terrible.

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas started out in book form and was tossed around for years in the film production world. Nobody thought it could ever be made into a film because it covered too many life cycles, starting from the 1800's during American slavery to the year 2321.

In each of the six life cycles the same people are reincarnated into different races and face different forms of societal oppression that they must overcome. Some people are villains or heroes from start to finish while others change and better themselves. It takes one character all six life cycles to be a stand-up human being. It goes to show that sometimes growing into an individual can take longer than one may think.

Read the book, but go see the film by the Wachowski Siblings as well. It's beautiful, the makeup transformations are amazing and it has to be watched at least twice to be halfway understood.

The Bible

The Bible is a book that adults have been told to read since they were children. However, most adults have not read beyond the stories that are regurgitated in church over and over. This is sad becauseit's filled with stories of civil disobedience from the book of Danielto the story of Jesus Christ. These are all people who stood in the face of the tyranny of their times and defied it. There are lessons on how to behave in impossible situations and most of all, how to have courage under fire.

If you've ever faced religious persecution, the Bible will restore your faith.


Metropolis is the definitive religion meets science fiction film. Not only is it ground breaking, it's a German silent film from 1927 that melds a futuristic society using themes from the Bible. You have your savior in the form of Freder (Gustav Frohlich) and the whore of Babylon portrayed by Brigitte Helm. It's captivating and so iconic that Helm's machine form is continuously replicated in music videos and films by today's performers.

Set in a society where the elite rule over the poor, the government decides to control the masses by engineering a replica of one of their beloved leaders to lead the people astray in a campaign of disinformation and wanton sexualization. It's truly a film to watch if you want to see how brainwashing works firsthand.

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