With Derek Morgan’s exit after 11 seasons with the show, Criminal Minds fans are left wondering what new story lines might be ahead for the popular CBS crime drama.

One thing they can look forward to in Season 12 is the return of Paget Brewster to the cast list for at least several episodes.

Brewster, whose character Emily Prentiss left the Washington, D.C.-based BAU to take over Interpol in London, wasn’t entirely written out of the show with that scenario, leaving it open for her return should writers deem her character important to a particular script.

While not the oft bare-chested heartthrob of Shemar Moore’s character, Prentiss did lend a calming presence to the BAU opposite Morgan’s baby girl, the excitable Penelope Garcia, and the somewhat quirky Dr.

Spencer Reid, played by Kirsten Vangsness and Matthew Gray Gubler.

Emily Prentiss resurrected again, but not from the dead this time

In previous episodes, Prentiss was said to have been killed, which was actually an attempt to keep her from exactly that demise at the hands of her nemesis Ian Doyle, but was resurrected when that possibility was deemed to no longer be a threat.

Paget’s latest return to Criminal Minds will likely be a little less dramatic as she collaborates with the BAU to track down and capture a criminal who has fled Europe for the U.S.

The show still needs a hunk

Not to disappoint the women viewers, CBS announced last month that Adam Rodriguez has been cast to replace Shemar Moore during Season 12.

Rodriguez, who tantalized us as Tito in Magic Mike, is also remembered for his portrayal of Eric Delko on the long-running CBS drama CSI: Miami from 2002-2012.

It will be interesting to see if a special bond develops between his yet-unnamed character and Garcia, or if Morgan’s baby-girl will remain faithful to him.

Can any other relationship replicate the sparks that flew between those two?

Criminal Minds will be starting its 12th season when it returns to the CBS fall lineup on Wednesday, September 28th. NCIS, another of CBS’ long-running crime dramas, will begin season 14 a week earlier.

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