Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourneare traveling the globe for their new father-son show, Ozzy & Jack's World Detour and they've got quite a few places under their belt so far. There was one place more than others that conjured up some angst for the aging rocker. That place wasThe Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Dress for arrest

Baby boomers will probably remember how Ozzy's last trip to this national monument panned out, as it made nationwide headlines and left the Black Sabbath singer banned from the site.

After a night of drinking Ozzy was caught urinating on the monument and was put under arrest.That was one colorful apprehension for the San Antonio Police back in 1982 because Ozzy was donned in a dress! Sharon Osbourne, his wife, had removed all his clothes from the hotel room in hopes of keeping him anchored for the night, but that backfired.

Ozzy slipped on the first piece of apparel he could find and that happened to be a dress. He then went to The Alamo and the rest is history. The city took his lack of respect seriously.

Besides not being allowed back at The Alamo, he was also banned from preforming in San Antonio at the time.

Olive branch gets him back in

It was about 10 years later that Ozzy offered up an olive branch to the folks who maintain the historical site in the form of $10,000. The ban was lifted, but he hasn't been back since. That changed as both he and Jack, who was rightfully worried about his father's reception at the historical site, filmed the show there.

This was a place they had planned to tread lightly and be as inconspicuous as possible. That didn't work!

An unexpected crowd

They thought they were going in under the radar, but apparently the city's local government announced that Ozzy and Jack were coming and filming at the national site. Once word was out the crowd flocked to get a look at the Osbourne men!The visit was much worse than their episode lets on, as Jack told EW during a recent interview, that a lot of stuff was left on the editing floor for that visit.

He said it was "actually quite charged."

Concerns of old grudge

Jack said once they realized a crowd would be there he started to worry about his dad. Ozzy is great in crowds, when thosecrowdsare in a concert setting, but this made him uneasy. Jack's main concern was that a possible lunatic could emerge from the crowd still carrying some animosity over yesteryear, reports WAAF News.Jack thinks that same type of thought made his dad uneasy while they were there. The two are traveling the globe visiting points of interest in history. The show airs the opening episode on July 24th on the History Channel.

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