The Outlanderseason 2 finale is finally upon us, and fans can't wait to see how the final episode of the season ends up. While spoilers are running wild online, there are a few things that fans can expect to see in the episode, titled "Dragonfly In Amber."

The Battle of Culloden is fought

According to reports, the long-awaited Battle of Culloden will finally take place. The battle, which has been at the center of the Outlander" series since day one, is sure to be bloody and sad, as viewers already know the Jacobites lose the rebellion, despite Claire and Jamie's efforts to change the course of history.

Claire and Jamie say goodbye

Meanwhile, viewers also know that Claire and Jamie will be forced to say goodbye to one another. In the first episode of season 2, it is revealed that Claire returns to her own time, and her first husband Frank. Claire tells Frank about her time-traveling journey, and about Jamie. Claire also reveals that she's carrying Jamie's baby, and Frank agrees to raise the child with her, if she'll make no mention about her journey or Jamie to the child as long as he's alive.

Claire and her daughter return to Scotland

In the book series, Frank dies about 20 years later, and Claire returns to Scotland with her daughter, Brianna, to research all she can about the Battle of Culloden, and Jamie's life. After reuniting with Reverend Wakefield and his adopted son Roger, who will become a love interest for Brianna, Claire finds out that Jamie lived through the battle. Later, Claire finds Jamie'sgrave, which is marked with a marriage stone also including her name, but no death date.Claire finally tells Brianna about her journey and about Jamie.

Brianna angrily denies her mother's allegations, but Roger is very interested inClaire's story.

Setting the scene for season 3

All of this could easily be seen in the extended 90-minute long season 2 finale of Outlander, as photos from the episode already reveal that Claire will be older and that Brianna is now grown. It appears that the finale could shape up to be one of the best episodes of the series so far, and fans can't wait to see how it all plays out leading into season 3.

The Outlanderseason 2 finale airs Saturday night at 9 p.m. on Starz.

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