Once Upon A Time is coming up quickly and will premiere in just two months. Spoilers for season 6 of OUAT were revealed at Comic-Con 2016. These include an even more wicked version of The Evil Queen, Hook's secret past, and more.

If you thought you knew how bad The Evil Queen was, you haven't seen anything yet. During Comic-Con 2016, it was revealed that Regina's alter ego is 100 percent pure evil.

It sounds like the damage she will inflict on Storybrooke will be of epic proportions. It will be interesting to see how powerful Lana Parrilla's character is without being part of Regina.

How will she stop the season 6 villain?

What the 'Once Upon A Time' villain still wants in season 6

Besides trying to murder everyone in Storybrooke, The Evil Queen will still want what she always desired. That is Snow White's heart.

This will also cause some stories to be told regarding Regina and Snow's relationship in OUAT.

Regina wants to be a hero in 'Once Upon A Time'

Over the seasons, Lana Parrilla's character has changed a lot. However, expect even more changes now that Regina and The Evil Queen are two separate people.

Regina will want to save the day deep down inside. Even so, don't expect the separation to remove her original personality traits. Regina will still be sassy and sarcastic.

'Once Upon A Time' spoilers on Regina and Snow's relationship

Regina and Emma have gone through a lot since OUAT began. Sometimes they bonded and other times they were in conflict. In season 6, expect the two to have a complicated relationship.

However, Emma will still try to help her friend while protecting the entire town from the villain.

Hook's secret past and fun arc with Charming in 'Once Upon A Time'

A 'fun arc' coming for Hook and Charming in OUAT season 6. Also, look forward to learning about Hook's secret past. Is this something bad and will it affect his romance with Emma Snow?

What do you think of what was revealed during Comic-Con?

Find out everything that is going to happen when ABC airs new episodes of Once Upon A Timeon September 25.

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