Lana Parrilla has always played two characters in Once Upon A Time. However, in Season 6, the actress will be playing dual roles as separate people. Previously, The Evil Queen was Regina Mills' alter ego. After Season 5 ended, OUAT fans realized that Regina didn't destroy The Evil Queen, but instead released the villain. It has been stated that the bad girl cannot be killed. If this is true, then how will Regina battle the woman determined to destroy everyone's happiness in Storybrooke?

What happened with The Evil Queen in 'Once Upon A Time'?

Regina tried to get rid of her negative alter ego and thought she was doing the right thing. However, Lana Parrilla's character ended up doing the opposite. The villain was not killed, but released, and plans on spreading chaos throughout.Furthermore, she is not pleased with Regina. The villain plans on showing her just what destroying happiness really looks like.

'Once Upon A Time' fans should prepare for major changes in Regina

The two personalities being separated in OUAT mean more than viewers may realize.

Fans should remember that the alter ego is completely evil and literally has no heart. There is no compassion, no sympathy, and certainly no remorse. The same can be said for Regina, except she may be completely lacking in negative traits.

Why is this a bad thing? Because everything and everyone needs balance. Tipping the scales too much in one direction will throw everything off balance. This is what some viewers believe will happen with Regina.

There will be too much goodness and softness in Lana Parrilla's character, which could make her unable to battle The Evil Queen.

How Regina can battle The Evil Queen in 'Once Upon A Time'

Since The Evil Queen is unable to be killed, how can Regina deal with her alter ego? One theory is that Regina will have no choice but to make The Evil Queen part of herself again. As co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis teased, what happens when someone separates parts of themselves and is it really the right thing to do?

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on September 25.

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