Leaked photos from the set of Once Upon A Time have surfaced. If the source is accurate and these pictures are legit, then OUAT fans may be seeing another Dark One in Season 6.

Who is the hooded figure in the 'Once Upon A Time' leaked photos?

Since OUAT began airing on ABC, a menacing creature called the Dark One has popped up from time to time. Many fans remember Rumple (Robert Carlyle) saying that if he gets the dagger, then he can control it. More recently, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) became the Dark One.

With these new leaked photos, is this another Dark One or an existing character?

Which 'Once Upon A Time' character fights the Dark One?

The leaked photos for the new season also teased that it is Emma who battles the hooded figure. This means that it can't be Morrison's character who is the Dark One. This is something most viewers already predicted. She was the bad guy once already and fans like her much more as the "Savior." More importantly, will Emma win the fight or will there be complications?

If she loses, then what exactly does that mean for Storybrooke?

Emma is not the only 'Once Upon A Time' figure to get in a fight

OUAT Season 6 spoilers reveal that Regina is learning how to sword fight. Leaked images reveal that she is battling Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer) and this makes sense considering what happened in the Season 5 finale. In a video on Facebook, Lana Parrilla showed fans a little bit of her sword fighting training.

At one point, the actress falls down but is able to get back up again. Another moment is when Parrilla rolls on the ground and the sword is grabbed out of her hands and tossed aside. Does this mean that Regina loses her fight against Mr. Hyde? Let's hope that is not the case.

What do you think is going to happen when Once Upon A Time returns with Season 6? Is the Dark One a new character or someone that already exists in Storybrooke?

Will Regina win the battle against Mr. Hyde? Find out on September 25, when ABC begins airing new episodes of the fairy tale drama.

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