One of thePretty Little Liars is pregnant. At least, that's what the recent Season 7A spoiler has us believing. Is it possible that a baby will appear on the show, or is this another trick by A?Marlene King had the fans speculating when she posted a photo of a baby on her Instagram page. She even tagged the five Liars into the post, suggesting that one of them is going to have a baby. And any one of them is plausible, but not all will be happy about it.

Has Uber A used Emily's eggs?

Emily donating her eggs was a major storyline forPretty Little Liars Season 6B, mostly because Uber A stole them.

She was warned in a note that the eggs would be used, but did anyone really think that meant this? Now it certainly looks plausible, if King's spoiler is anything to go by.

It may not be Emily's baby, though. All the other Liars had someone significant in their lives during Season 6B. Hanna is possibly the most unlikely one to have a baby, but it is possible that she is currently pregnant with ex-fiance Jordan's child. That baby is seriously strong to withstand some of the torture Hanna faced during thePretty Little Liars Season 7 premiere.

Could Spencer or Alison be pregnant?

Alison being pregnant would be one of those twists that could lead to that "he" in the five-year flash-forward from the Season 6 summer finale.

Is it possible that she's carrying Elliot/Archer's child and Uber A finds out? Maybe Rollins is still alive, or there is someone else out there who wants her baby...Wren, maybe?

On the other hand, Spencer and Caleb certainly spent a lot of time together and a baby may be produced from that ship. After terminating Toby's baby, she probably wouldn't want to go through all that again and decide to keep it.

Once Toby finds out, how would that make him feel? Is it possible that it could lead to this possible car crash that fans believe he and Spencer will get in?

Aria and Ezra start their family?

Finally, Liar Aria could find herself pregnant, possibly with the question of whether it is Ezra or Liam's child.

Maybe she finds out just after she accepts Ezra's proposal (we know she'll accept eventually, right?), and has to try to figure it out without Ezra knowing. If there isn't the question, this is likely to be the only couple happy to find out about a baby being on the way.

There's just one problem with all these theories. The spoiler King shared was of a baby in an incubator. We all know it takes nine months to make a baby, so unlessPretty Little Liars is doing another time jump, this baby is one that's already been born. Is there something from the missing five years that we haven't explored yet? Did Spencer really terminate the pregnancy and is Toby going to find that out?

Pretty Little Liars returns to freeform on Tuesday, August 2 to continue Season 7.

Who do you think will be the mother from King's summer finale spoiler?

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