Omarion and Apryl Jones have called it quits. Rumors had been circulating that the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" couple had split but in the past 24 hours, both Omarion and Apryl have confirmed that they are no longer together.After news that Omarion and Apryl had possibly broken up, Omarion posted a video to Instagram that seemed to confirm the news. The singer showed off his ripped abs in the video where his newest single "Body On Me" can be heard playing in the background. During the clip, Omarion makes it pretty clear that he may be putting that body on someone when he goes on tour later this year.

Talk about split on social media

Soon after Omarion posted to Instagram, Apryl Jones responded via Snapchat. Apryl addressed the breakup rumors but didn't really give fans anything juicy about why the couple had split.

"Ok. So people are saying ‘you and Omarion can’t be together' because of the Black Lives Matter comment that I madebecause I said all lives matter pertaining to the shooting? That has nothing to do with why me and Omari are not together," Apryl said in the Snapchat video. "He never cheated on me, I never cheated on him. Sometimes people just grow apart and sometimes people just go their own way."

Omarion was quick to respond again, with what he said would be his last response regarding the breakup with Apryl Jones.

This time, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star called his Instagram post a statement and admitted that he and Apryl Jones chose to end their relationship and that both of them were in agreement about the split.

Bow Wow celebrates Omarion's single status

Omarion's longtime friend Bow Wow was quick to say something about Omarion and Apryl breaking up too.

It seems that Bow Wow is pretty excited about his friend's recent return to the single life. He even said as much on Instagram when he posted a picture of himself and Omarion together. In it he suggested they head on down to the strip club where Bow Wow offered to help "lob" some girls his way so that Omarion can forget about his recent breakup and move on with his life.

As for how this may affect Omarion and Apryl with their reality TV careers, it was already well known that neither wanted to return to "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" on VH1. Their recent split means there probably won't be a spin-off either.

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