Muhammad Ali's son Muhammad Ali Jr. has reportedly collected his share of his late father's$80 million estate and has decided to ditch his wife and children. Muhammad Ali's family avoided a long drawn out nasty family court battle deciding to play nice.

Family settles out of court

The family members are said to have met up back on June 28 in California to settle the estate. While all the paperwork and cash dispersion are said to be over with it is not smooth sailing with all family members. Jr. is said to have taken his portion of the bounty and made a run for it of sorts.

It is said money changes everything and in this case, it appears to have changed Ali Jr.'s view on marriage and family.

Ali Jr. leaves wife and family after collecting cash

Jr., 44, has decided to leave his wife and kids behind after collecting the cash left by his father Muhammad Ali, the late boxing legend and World Champion passed away on June 3 after being hospitalized with a respiratory illness and complications fromParkinson's Disease.

Muhammad Ali Jr.s' life change

Sources close to Jr. claim he left his wife and children and is moving from the South Side of Chicago to a home in a much better neighborhood.

" Jr. went to California and now he's got some money all of a sudden." As previously reported, Ali Jr, before his father's death had been living in squalor with his wife Shaakira, and children Ameria, 8 and Shakira, 7, on food stamps and assistance to get by.

The source also reveals that he did give his wife $75 telling her to buy herself something nice and purchased new shoes for his kids, but has intentions of setting up a trust for his children.

Aliis also said to owe big bucks to some Chicago mobsters for fronted drugs, which they are looking to collect ASAP.

Family members are hoping that the money will be used as an opportunity for Ali Jr. to straighten his life out to become an active and functioning member of the community. It is a shame if reports are correct that he has chosen to leave his wife and kids behind now that he has money and opportunity to turn their lives around for the better.

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