In part 1of the season 2 premier, the episode opened with Elliot and Tyrell at the original fsociety hideout on Coney Island. Elliot willingly initiates the five/nine hack and Tyrell is is amazed. As he admires Elliot's work, Elliot sticks his hand in the popcorn machine where Darlene had hidden her gun. Before we see what happens next, we see a flashback of the moment Edward (Mr. Robot) pushes Elliot out the window. Part two of the episode picks up right where part one left off.

The second attack

A nervous Scott Knowles carrying two very large, very conspicuous duffle bags full of money arrives at the specified location. He frantically searches the crowd as his secret security team talks to him through an earpiece. Finally, a bike courier drops off a backpack containing more instructions. He's forced to follow the instructions, and he burns all $5.9 million in the middle of the park while a crowd watches. Why exactly did fsociety demand that amount only to make him burn it?

Later, Phillip Price tries to get another government loan, but is flat out denied. The government officials even call for his resignation. Fsociety has definitelytaken him down a couple pegs.

The grieving widow

Joanna Wellick has a new beau and she's teaching him to tie ropes. At the end of season one she seemed to be genuinely worried about about her husband. But apparently her concern has taken a backseat to loneliness.

She's teaching him to be her new dominant at a hotel. But she isn't taking any chances; she's careful to make sure no one sees her with her new protege. She even hired a bodyguard. What up with that? She finds mysterious package on her doorstep containing a hidden cellphone. She waits around all day only to miss the call. Who could is have been on the other end?

Crisis actor

Gideon meets with FBI agent Dom DiPierro.

We don't know if he made good on his threat to Elliot and ratted him out, but it must have taken a lot out of him. Later he goes for a drink and meets a guy, Brock, who has some interesting thoughts on the five/nine hack. He tells Gideon that he knows who he is and that he's fan. After some small talk, he thinks Gideon, saying that he'll be a hero tomorrow. Then, He shoots him in the neck, Gideon bleeds out ton the ground.

No new friends

While at his customary basketball game in the park with Leon, Elliot meets Ray and his dog Maxine (where the heck is Flipper anyway?) Thefriendly dog ownerbreaks up a fight then tries, and fails, to make small talk with Elliot.

Hewants to hire Elliot to do some hacking. Elliot, however, quickly rebuffs him, much to Mr. Robot's annoyance. The next day, Ray and Maxine return. Elliot tried to send him away again, but realizes that Mr. Robot has been in contact with him.

Moral fiber

Angela has entered the belly of the beast and she might never come back out. She's actually pretty good at her new job at E Corp, but she's an outsider and it doesn't look like she has any friends. She meets with her lawyer after work for drinks and tells her that she's going to stay at E Corp. Not surprisingly the lawyer tells her this is a mistake.

We tend to agree, but Angela will learn soon enough. Her self-help DVDs don't have the answers to everything.


Having no memory of talking to Ray, Elliot races home to consult his journal. Once there confronts Mr. Robot. He says he's going to make Elliot realize that everyone sees him. Something snaps inside of Elliot and he...laughs. Yes, Elliot laughed. He once again demands to learn the whereabouts of Tyrell, Mr. Robots says nothing and Elliot leaves for his church group. He dozes of at the meeting and awakens at home with the phone in his hand. Tyrell is on the other end. Orwas that just another illusion?

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