It's been a while, but the critically acclaimed USA drama Mr. Robot is finally back for its second season. When last we saw Elliot, he had a mental breakdown. He discovered that the smack talking girl from fsociety is his sister, he forgot since he wasn't taking his meds. And he finally realizedthe leader of the group, the charismatic and slightly manic Mr. Robot, was actually just an illusion. In reality, Elliotwas Mr. Robot. Mr. Robot was simply his alter ego. (RememberDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?) Together, or alone I guess, they brought down E Corp and the world's financial system and now they're (he's?) facing some major blowback.

Fresh Start.

It's been a month now and Elliot seems to have a new lease on life. He's moved in with his mother and no longer hacking or even using a computer. He's followinga strict routine, never deviating from it. Wake up, breakfast with Leon, chores, lunch with Leon, watch a basketball game with Leon, chores, dinner with Leon, church group twice a week and finally home to recount his entire day in his journal. Each day is the same, but at least he's sane now, right? It seems like he's doing well.

He's even seeing Krista again and being more open with her.

Trust issues.

Elliot is talking to us (his imaginary friend) again, even though he doesn't trust us. And Mr. Robot is still around. He hangs around harassing Elliot; attempting to get him to continue what they started with fsociety. Mr. Robot holds Elliot at gunpoint and shoots him the head when he doesn't comply. Elliot sits up with a bullet hole oozing blood and records the encounter in his journal and all the while Mr.

Robot is ranting in the background. This wasn't the first time Mr. Robot shot him, but this time Elliot remained calm. He writes that Mr. Robot told him that his control was an illusion. A drop of blood hits the notebook. Does Elliot believe him? He's starting to slip.

Under new management .

Fsociety and SusanJacobs, an E Corp lawyer, taught us an important lesson about smart houses. DON'T GET ONE!

Fsociety hacked her entire apartment and wreaked havoc until they run her off, all so they could take over her aparment as their new home base. Their new leader, Darlene, is on a war path. Things aren't going the way she thought they would after the hack. So, she sends her new crew of hackers on a mission. With Elliot in denial and two memberscompletely MIA, fsociety is on the offensive. She hacks into E Corp's banking system and locks them out. She gives theman ultimatum: bring fsociety$5.9 million or be locked out forever. Phillip Price, Scott Knowles and Susan Jacobs reluctantly give in and decide to meet fsociety's terms.

Mental Break

Gideon comes to Elliot for help. The FBI is breathing down his neck and he needs Elliot to step upand tell them the truth. Mr. Robot is lurking in the corner taunting Elliot, telling him that it's his fault that Gideon is about to go down. Elliot struggles to keep it together. His bullet wound reappears. Elliot confides in his journal and tries to convince himself that everything is ok' that it's not just an illusion. He wraps his "wound" and returns to his regimen. Mr. Robot is starting to appear outside of Elliot's room. He followed him to breakfast (lunch? dinner?) with Leon. He's starting to get to him.

The season 2 premiere was highly anticipated and producers gave the audience a brief intermission before jumping straight into the second part of this two part premier.

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