Fsociety gains the upper hand when Scott Knowles, the CTO of E Corp, meets the terms to deliver the $5.9 million ransom or risk having the company's banking system demolished. In a crowded square, Knowles waits with 2 duffel bags stuffed with the money and apprehensively awaits contact with fsociety. Adelivery man shows up and hands him a backpack. Knowles pulls out a mask, puts it on, then starts dumping all the bills onto the ground, pours gasoline over the money and lights iton fire. In the middle of the gathering crowd,Darlene looks on.

The following words are written on the mask: “Wear me. And then Burn the Money.”

E Corp seeks a federal bailout

Phillip Price, the CEO of E Corp meets with members of the Federal Commission in DC. Theytell Price to resign, as the president can’t give E Corp a bailout. Price rationalizesthat not handing E Corp a bailout would lead to a greater disaster by destroying the public trust in its government and financial institutions. He tells a historical account involving FDR and the Great Depression. FDR closed all the banks, reopening them when they were apparentlystable.Price says those reports were mostly lies, but worked at the time because the public believed that the government had everything under control.

Price says thatthis is the American business model: to con the public into believing that the system is functional because it is a necessary con. Price justifies the E Corp bailout because this would help secure American confidence in the government and the financial system and avoid a worse outcome: “A con doesn’t work without the confidence."

Innocent victim of the 5/9 hack

Unfortunately for Gideon, the former head of Allsafe, the FBI are investigating him for complicity in the 5/9 hack.

Gideon is sitting in a bar drowning in his own misery when a nearby man recognizes Gideon and starts commiserating with him. But then the stranger tells him that he is being used as a “patsy” because he’s the “perfect vessel for their lies.” He shoots Gideon,telling Gideon he was the "perfect crisis actor."

Working inside the belly of the beast

Angela is now the PR manager at E Corp, who is handling a deal with Bloomberg News.

She hangs up suddenly,to the dismay of one of the PR assistant standing by who thinks the deal has been wrecked.Angela then starts listening to a rock song by Sonic Youth, until Bloomberg calls back to acquiesce to Angela’s demands.Later, Angela meets with her former lawyer in a bar, and tells her that she will remain working for E Corp, to the lawyer’s dismay. Shetells Angela that they are “barbarians in $10,000 suits.” After the lawyer leaves, a man comes to flirt with Angela and she takes him to his apartment. Later in the night, she listens to a “Positive Affirmation” CD with various statements that Angela repeats: “My confidence is powerful.”

Elliot's challenge to Mr. Robot

Due to Elliot’s fractured mental state, it is hard to trust which parts of his scenes are real and which parts are fabricated by his deluded consciousness.While sitting on the bleachers of a park watching a basketball game, a man comes by with a dog named Maxine who claims that he spoke with Elliot the prior night.

Elliot is rattledbecause he realizes he has amemory gap. His alter ego, Mr. Robot, once again tries to bring Elliot out of the routine regiment. Elliot wants to avoid falling under Mr. Robot's influence.

In a prior surreal scene from the first part, Mr. Robot shot Elliot in an attempt at control. He wants to bring Elliotback into fsociety, which Darlene has been managing. This time, Mr. Robot is unable to shoot Elliott, who demands to know Tyrell Wellick's whereabouts. Tyrell is currently the main suspect behind the 5/9 hack and his whereabouts remain known only to Mr. Robot. In a sudden scene jump from Elliott’s group therapy session at church, he finds himself holding a phone that’s ringing, until someone asks, “Is this really you?” The voice isTyrell Wellick.

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