The season premiere of Mr. Robot reveals that Elliot has implemented the five/nine hack. Although a month has passed, government leaders view the attack as part of a cyber war with fsociety hackers. Elliot's hack has erased people’s financial debts, such as those owed to E Corp. Elliot's role remains unknown to the public. The government believes Tyrell Wellick and fsociety to be the main perpetrators. After the hack, Tyrell has disappeared.


The premiere begins with two scenes from the past.

As Elliot implements the hack in fsociety's Coney Island lair, Tyrell says: "It’s almost as if something has come alive.” Another scene from Elliot’s past reveals an early traumatic experience.


A young Elliot is seen on the snowy ground because his father has pushed him out of the window. At the hospital, the doctor tells his parents that there is no major brain trauma, but the forearm has been broken. Elliot’s mother is more concerned with the pending bill.

Elliot seeks control.

About a month after the hack, Elliot has moved back into his mother’s house. He avoids computers and adheres to a strict routine in order to avoid Mr. Robot from controlling his consciousness and actions. The routine involves meeting his friend Leon at various points throughout the day for meals.  At 2, they watch a basketball game in the local park. Elliot reveals that he doesn’t understand the emotional engagement people have with sports. Two days a week, he goes to a church for a group therapy session.

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Leaders refer to cyber war.

The news Elliot's mother watches shows President Obama saying that Tyrell and fsociety are responsible for the attack that caused a financial crisis. There will be a “proportional response” to the hack. Another government figure, Leon Panetta, states: "The collective result of these attacks could be a cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Elliot's inner demons.

Despite the repetitious routine, Mr. Robot continues to be a haunting hallucinatory influence attempting to bring Elliot back into fsociety. Mr. Robot tells Elliot that control is an illusion. Elliot asks for Tyrell's location but Mr. Robot shoots him in response. In a surreal scene, a bloody bullet hole appears in Elliot’s forehead but the wound is non-fatal as this is part of Elliot's delusion.

Later, Gideon reveals that the FBI suspect him of complicity in the 5/9 hack. He implores Elliot for help, revealing that he is aware to some extent of Elliot’s role. Gideon believes someone is hacking into his emails. Mr. Robot lingers in the background as he cuts into an apple, saying that perhaps he is hacking Gideon when  Elliot is unconscious.

When Gideon says that he will inform the FBI of Elliot’s role, Mr. Robot slits Gideon’s throat, rattling Elliot.

fsociety continues to wage war.

Darlene is now leading fsociety. They hack the smart house of E Corp’s general counsel, Susan Jacobs in order to gain access. The house loses control: the shower shoots hot water, the radio turns on and off, and the alarm won’t stop ringing. During the hack, Jacobs' TV projector reveals a host named Frank Cody who states that the five/nine attack conspiracy is part of an "economic war" that is being inflicted upon America" and that 2015 is "the year America, this great nation, swapped democracy for dictatorship.”

Once Darlene and fsociety enter the house, fsociety members cheer on at their victory. Darlene demands silence and refers to a war: “We are in a war, and we are on the losing side of it. We are on our knees, guns to our head and they are picking us off, one by one.” Referring to Jacobs as Madame Executioner, Darlene rallies fsociety to continue the war. 


Darlene and fsociety then hack into the Bank of E Corp initiating ransomware for $5.9 million. They demand the ransom be delivered or E Corp will no longer be able to access its banking system. The E Corp chiefs, Philip Price (CEO), Scott Knowles (CTO) and Jacobs discuss the ransom. Knowles initially balks at payment but agrees to deliver the ransom.