Mr Robot returns tonight on the USAnetworkwith its season 2 premiere and Elliot is still reeling from the rude awaking of learning he is actually Mr. Robot in an alter ego he invented for himself. That alter ego is in the form of his dead father and that's a lot to take in at one time for Elliot. So what will he remember of those three days he's lost? If you remember, Elliot woke up in Tyrell's SUV, not knowing the whereabouts of Tyrell and not remembering the last three days at all.

E Corp down, but Elliot clueless

USA Today reports that the creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail, promises this season will be "even darker" than the first. That might have something to do with this new world Elliot wakes to after losing three days of memory. E Corp, or as Elliot refers to it as "Evil Corp," has been taken down by fsociety and people are celebrating in the streets, as their debts are gone. This huge fsociety's hack erased thousands of people's debts.

True identity of mastermind Mr. Robot

This hack was so damaging to theE Corpconglomerate that the CEO commits suicide on live TV. as fsociety people in their trademark masks celebrate their victory. While Elliot is still coming to grips that he is the head of fsociety, which means he is alsoMr. Robot,this revelation explains why each time Elliot opted to back out of a mission folks were perplexed over his actions...

he was the mastermind.

Futile kiss

It was that futile kiss that put it all into perspective for the viewers and it was a real game changer for poor Elliot. It appeared that Elliot was enamored with Darlene, who was Mr. Robot's right-hand person. So when he leaned in to give her a kiss, for a moment there it looked like a romance might bloom, until he made contact. Darlene was so disgusted with that kiss, that you knew it was more than she just didn't like him as a boyfriend.

This is when the viewers and Elliot learn Darlene is his sister.

What's up with Mr. Whiterose?

The Chinese Dark Army's transgender hacker, who helped in the take down of E Corp, was dressed in business attire and with the CEO of E Corp, as the first season ended. The E Corp CEO tells Elliot that he knows who hacked the company. Of course Mr. Whiterose does because he and Elliot discussed this not so long ago. Thefirstseason ended before viewers found out if "Mr. Whiterose" sold out Elliot and fsociety.

Elliot puts the pieces together

Elliot has a large task on his hands of piecing together that three-day span he has no memory of while his alter ego Mr. Robot was apparently very busy taking down E Corp.

The plot thickens this season and now that Elliot has somewhat of a better handle on what is going on, what will he dowith this? Heis clearly not a risk taker like his alter ego Mr. Robot.

Behind the scenes of Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot was the second most pirated show beyondGame of Thrones,according to Rami Malek, who does an excellent job in his role as Elliot. His co-star Christian Slater is a veteran famous face among celebrities and he plays Elliot's father, or "Mr. Robot," Eliot's alter ego. Both celebrities recently talked with CBS News about their enthusiasm behind the second season, especially now since the first season instantly took off in the ratings.

Die-hard fans of the show got to see the premiere episode of Mr. Robot on Sunday night when the show made its way online, but for a very short time span. It was a publicity ploy, much like fsociety might do when hacking into something. The online viewing wasn't really advertised, just on the show's social media sites, so you really had to be a die-hard fan to catch it. It doesn't much matter now as tonight everyone can see the premiere on USA.

The L.A. Times reports the series averaged 1.39 million viewers per episode for its first season, but these numbers were doubled at times when factoring in the numbers from delayed viewing and streaming views.

Mr. Robert returns tonight, Wednesday, July 13, at 10 p.m. on the USA network.

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