Episode two starts off with good old fashionedfalse hope. In the opening scene, Jerome Romero is back (yay) and is telling Mobley the gruesome history of the Fsociety building on Coney Island. Each owner was either murdered or a murderer. He took it over from his cellmate who was locked up for the murder of his brother and father, he says it wasn't him. Turns out, this was a flashback of howFsociety got their name and hideout.

Where's Tyrell?

Elliot wants to know too. We see the rest of his mysterious phone call from Tyrell and it seems like they made some sort of plan during that three-day gap in Elliot's memory.

Before he can get any real information out of him about that night, Mr. Robot ends the call. It's not enough for Elliot. Before the argument gets out of hand, the two hear of Gideon's death on the news. Question: Is the news the only channel they have?

Caution, wet cement.

In what can only be described as the most inventive power play of the series, Mr. Robot makes Elliot puke up the dozen or so Adderall he took by making him believe that the CIA was force feeding him wet cement. Elliot was trying to stay alert so he could keep Mr.

Robot out, but it seems like he has complete control of Elliot's mind. Maybe that call from Tyrell was an illusion too. Either way, Elliot's getting desperate, he dug through puke and retook those pills. Yikes.

Elliot enters a drug induced state of euphoria. He's finally finding joy in his life, a lot of it.In everything, really. Cleaning, eating, watching basketball. Even Leon (his new dealer, surprise, surprise) notices the drastic change in Elliot's behavior, it's hard not to.

He hasn't slept in five-ishdays, and he's running out of Addie. The illusions are back.At his church group, he has a mini-meltdown and goes on a rant about the hypocrisy of religion. Except he didn't mean too, oops.

Cruel joke.

Turns out Jerome'sinclusion in the opening scene was only meant to make his death even more devastating. Yes, Jeromeis dead. Mobley finds him dead in his backyard. Well played Sam Esmail, well played.

But who killed him? Elliot? Darlene and Mobley meet with Trentonto discuss Jerome's death and the Dark Army. Mobley thinks that Darlene and Elliot are responsible for his death and that he and Trenton are next. Maybe he's right.

Ghost whisperer.

Ray is having breakfast with....his wife, only, she's not there. She died, but he handles his grief by talking to her (purposely) every day.Looks like there's more to Ray than meets the eye. He's running a site that deals with bitcoins and it's having some issues. His current computer guy can't figure out how to fix it, despite the vast amount of money he's been paid and the beating he received.

Now we know why he tried to befriend Elliot. He attempts to befriend Elliot again telling him that they're a lot alike. They have a heart to heart and Elliot allows Mr. Robot back in.

Working girls.

Meanwhile at E Corp, Angela is invited todinner with Phillip Price. Yeah. Let that soak in. Her decision making has gone from bad to worse. And she's still reciting those cheesy mantras. Joke's on her, it's a business dinner and she wasn't the only person invited. Awkward. But things take a turn when Price tells Angela that the guys at dinner were part of the coverup that killed her mom. But will she turn them in?

Agent Dom Dipierro seems a little lonely. She's up all hours of the night; she's onJerome's murder case. He was looking into the FBI and had his modem rigged to self-destruct. She visit's his mother, rolls her a fatty and gets more info for the investigation. Mama Romero unwittingly outs Mobley. Dom finds a flier from the end of the world party in a packing box. She's made a trip to Coney Island.

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