Montel Williams put Bill O'Reilly in his place after the Factor host mocked Williams on-air for walking away from the set and bailing on his scheduled appearanceat the very last minute. O'Reilly made these flippant remarks on his show without Williams there to speak to the disparaging comments, but that didn't stop him from eventually having his say.

A spew O'Reilly may now regret

O'Reilly spewed off about Monte Williams ditching the interview last minute and then calling him a "coward" for doing so.

The topic they were going to discuss included Williams' previous criticism of the GOP's anti-LGBTQ and anti-Muslim policies. O'Reilly said that Williams probably bailed on the interview because of "a gay thing."

Eric Bolling told O'Reilly that Williams not being on the show was "a loss." That sparked something inside the O'Reilly Factor host and he started on a tangent about it not being a loss and stating that Williams will never be on his show again.

Montel 'not a man of his word'

O'Reilly then said, “He’s not a man of his word, he’s unprofessional.

Montel, I’ve known you for a long time, but that is about as low as it gets.” He later mocked Williams some more by asking if anyone "missed him" not being on the show. O'Reilly was sure to get across that he didn't need Williams' presence to continue on with a show.

Perhaps Bill O'Reilly wasn't expecting to get Montel Williams that riled up once hearing his degrading spiel and for sure O'Reilly never expected Williams to pull him apart from limb to limb by shaking some skeletons in O'Reilly's closet.

Montel Williams response to Bill O'Reilly can be seen in the video embedded in William's tweet below.

Williams cuts O'Reilly to verbal pieces

Williams threw the tag "coward" right back at O'Reilly, telling him he's the real coward. He mentioned O'Reilly "embellished" his credentials as a journalist, then he went into the allegations of domestic abuse which came to light in a child custody battle during O'Reilly's divorce.

He also said he spent 22 years in the military, while O'Reilly shunned his responsibility and didn't serve.

After watching the video above and seeing how Williams retaliated, it is probably safe to say that O'Reilly might regret not acting like a gentleman when Montel opted to not go on the show.

As Williams conveys in the video, he showed up for his appearance, but he was told the topics had changed from what he first agreed upon. With that, he left – which was his prerogative. "That was the first time I did not do an interview I was scheduled to do," Williams stated.

But in O'Reilly's world, no one backs out on his show, so instead of being a gentleman about it, he opted to belittle Williams while he wasn't there to defend himself.

It looks like in the end, Williams got the best of him. Montel's final words to O'Reilly were, "Leave me alone. You don't want me on your show anymore? ... I don't care."

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