Miss Cleo world known television and phone psychic has died at the age of 53 from cancer.

Best known as the voice of the Psychic Friends Network Cleo passed away early Tuesday morning in Palm Beach, Florida.

Psychic, Miss Cleo dies

Youree Dell Harris, Miss Cleo's real name was originally diagnosed with colon cancer which had spread to the TV psychics lungs and liver and was recently hospitalized, but released last week into hospice care.

Her death was confirmed by her rep, who stated that Cleo remained a "pillar of strength" throughout her illness right up to the end and died surrounded by her loving family and friends.

Miss Cleo captured television audiences with her thick Jamaican accent, though born in Los Angeles and captivating personality from the 1990s thru the early 2000s claiming to have the ability to tell your future through tarot card reading.

The Psychic Readers Network featured Cleo in informercials saying to interested parties to "call me now" adding for a "fee" they would receive all the answers to their questions via a tarot card reading over the phone.

TV tarot card readings for a fee.

The Psychic Readers Network, along with others were investigated for deceptive practices.

However, Miss Cleo was never charged with any crime.She later shared her experiences in a documentary titled "Hotline" in 2014. Following her run as TV's Miss Cleo, she went on to engage in a number of jobs including voicing a character in the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," and as a spokeswoman for Fuse Network.

Voodoo and a spooky family.

In her private life Cleo was the mother of two, and in 2006 came out publicly as a lesbian stating, "This is me.

I don't want to hide.Fear only impedes you on your journey." During a past interview Cleo admitting to coming from a "spooky family," a family of Obeah, which is another word for "voodoo."

Even though the Psychic Friends Network was no longer operating, Cleo revealed she still had a large number of clients from all over the world including clients from New Zealand, Australia, Toronto, and a bunch all over the United States and Jamacia.

Saying that is how she made her money to help out financially with her children and grandkids.

Rest in peace Miss Cleo.

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