Miranda Lambert is reportedly pregnant with boyfriend R&B singer Anderson East's baby. Reports reveal that Miranda's (unconfirmed) pregnancy will be the one way she will finally get her revenge against ex-husband Blake Shelton. The report claims that Miranda is carrying her first child and she 'cannot wait for Blake to feel the pain.'

Big baby news for Miranda Lambert?

"There are whispers that Miranda is pregnant with Anderson East's baby," a Life & Style reveals."If she starts a family with another man it will make Blake's blood boil.

His greatest wish was to have a baby with Miranda during their relationship. But now it's Anderson by her side, and Miranda is thriving like never before."

Will Blake Shelton be hurt by Miranda's alleged pregnancy?

While it's true that Miranda was left completely broken for awhile after Blake served her with divorce papers last year, it is a little hard to believe that Miranda would use a baby with Anderson to seek revenge on Shelton. If Miranda is preggers, sure Blake may be a little sad that he has not yet fathered a child, but aren't they both past their relationship now, both have moved on and appear relatively happy with their lives.

Who is Blake's big guest in season 11 of 'The Voice?'

As previously reported, Blake Shelton spilled the beans about a guest who will be appearing on season 11 of "The Voice" calling them the one guest that no one saw coming. The post has sparked plenty of speculation with fans speculating as to who the guest may be.Would you like to see Miranda go up against Blake and Gwen on the upcoming season 11 of "The Voice," or do you believe that it is still too soon?

Some have suggested that it may be Miranda Lambert, who has not appeared on the show since she and Blake called it quits. If that is the case then it really would be the guest that no one saw coming. We just hope that if Miranda is really pregnant that she is in a happy place, and considers the baby a true blessing and not a pawn to be used against Blake for revenge.

What are your thoughts, do you believe Miranda Lambert is pregnant with Anderson East's baby, or is this just a hyped up tale being spun out of control?

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