If anyone is going to get the details out of Mila Kunis about the night she fell for Ashton Kutcher, it is going to be Howard Stern. The 32-year-old Kunis, who is usually very private, found herself opening up to Stern.

Far from love at first sight

Kunis has known Kutcher since she was 15 and the two starred together on That 70s Show. There were absolutely no sparks between the two at the time, but they remained friends and would touch base periodically over the phone through the years.

Macaulay Culkin and Demi Moore

Kunis, who had an 8-year relationship with Macaulay Culkin, never looked at Ashton Kutcher with romance on her mind.

After Kutcher's divorce from Demi Moore, Kunis and Kutcher ran into each other at an awards show. One of thing she remembers was that she was wearing a "puffy dress." That chance meeting at the awards show, changed their lives forever.

Kunis said she saw a very tall man with his back turned to her, but when he turned around, he suddenly took her breath away. The two talked and went out for coffee, he then invited her to his housewarming party.Kunis was surprised she had that kind of feeling for her former co-star after all these years, so she went to the party with a friend in tow.

Little did she know that Kutcher had invited a friend who he planned to set his former co-star up with. That never happened because Kutcher and Kunis locked lips and that was it.

Never was going to get married

Kunis, who said from the time she was a young kid that she would never get married, was having fun with her relationship with Kutcher. She had spent the night of that party at his house and the two decided they would have fun, instead of a relationship and they even shook hands on this, reports Good Morning America.

Three months later she realized it wasn't fun anymore because she had fallen for Kutcher hard. The girl who said she would never marry said yes when Kutcher proposed to her on Valentines Day. The couple who have been married for one year are now expecting their second child.

They had to live life first

Kunis said,"I think we both had to go through a lot in our lives to become the people that we were.

We would never be together based on the people that we used to be." She's probably right. The opposite often happens when people marry young. They part ways because life changes them and they are not the same people at 30 that they were at 18 or 20.

Who Kutcher was didn't appeal to Kunis when they were first working together, but what they each experienced in life all the way through to their 30s had changed them into two different people than the teenagers they were. Both former That 70s Show co-stars became adults who were now both attracted to each other.

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