Megyn Kelly is being ripped apart on social media for her mode of dress on Wednesday night's live coverage of RNC. Kelly wore a form-fitting black halter top with her shoulders and a good portion of her chest exposed and while she would look beautiful going to the beach, the top was not appropriate to wear as a network news anchor.

Kelly's mode of dress like 'escort' service

According to The Wrap, people were livid to see Kelly, who prides herself as a top news commentator, dressed like she belonged to an "escort" service.

One Twitter user called upon Greta Van Susteren to teach Kelly how to dress professionally for the job she wants to do!

Halter top with spaghetti-straps

One Twitter user suggested it is hard to take Kelly's coverage of the RNC seriously when she comes on-air looking like she did on Wednesday night. She had on a shirt with spaghetti-straps and that accentuated every curve Kelly had.

'Bikini' top

The Breitbart Report asked if it was "hot in Cleveland" after getting a gander at Kelly's shirt. They went as far as to suggest that her top "resembled a bikini" while on the air. This highly seems unfair to her male colleagues, who are tapped to wear suits and ties while doing the same work as she does. Does this mean we can expect to see Steve Doocy and Bill O'Rielly in muscle shirts tonight at the RNC Fox coverage?

Revenge mode of dress?

Some saw this as Kelly sending some sort of a message to Roger Ailes, who will be leaving FoxNews, by August 1, say reports. The news of Ailes leaving came on the heels of Megyn Kelly joining Gretchen Carlson this week in making accusations about Ailes sexually harassing the two women.

Kelly's mode of dress at Wednesday night RNC was disappointing to both men and women as they wrote in to vent on social media.

Even Kelly's fans chimed in to say she was way off base going on-air in that shirt.

Way off base

Kelly showed up on air just 24 hours after making the claim that Ailes sexually harassed her over a decade ago when Kelly worked in the Washington bureau for Fox News. The dress code for a female news reporter is pretty much the same across the board at any reputable news station.

Woman are discouraged against wearing sleeveless tops and they are encouraged not to wear low-cut blouses. Kelly blew that suggested dress code out of the water when she showed up ready to offer up the news of the RNC dressed like she was on her way to a beach party!

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