Well, everyone has the right to voice out his own opinion and thoughts. And that is what Jason Bourne Actor Matt Damon did when he compared the gun culture between Australia and his native land the U.S.

Matt Damon blasted by U.S. gun supporters following his overseas comment

Reportedly, the powerful National Rifle Association pro-gun lobby group re-posted the 45-year-old actor's comments on Twitter, to its major U.S. news organizations and other followers. This resulted to a loud buzz of protests that call out to boycott the Hollywood star's films and for him to relocate instead to Australia.

Matt Damon called gun grabber

While the Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon will visit Village Cinema on July 20 to introduce sold-out screenings of Jason Bourne, his latest movie, it was revealed that the Boise gun rights group, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, issued a press release that called the big star a "gun grabber" and notified the media about the planned protest on the day of his visit, which was set at 3:15 p.m. at the Village at Meridian, not far from the public sidewalk.

The Good Will Hunting alum was also called a hypocrite for making tens of millions of dollars from playing the role of character Jason Bourne that was based on Robert Ludlum's franchised novels and other gun-toting movies.Critics then suggested that the actor move to Australia instead. Also, some said that they would bet he had armed body guards.

Damon's comments on gun control

It can be recalled that Matt Damon praised the Aussies for strictly implementing gun control legislation as they managed it with one fell swoop without people feeling that their rights were violated in the process. The said law was enacted in 1996.The actor added that he wished that it could also happen in his beloved America. However, the issue was too personal for other people that Americans could not talk about it sensibly.

Damon would choose Jason Bourne over James Bond any day

Meanwhile, the actor, who stirred up the hornets regarding his comments on the American gun culture while he was interviewed overseas, said that he would choose Jason Bourne over James Bond.

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He reasoned out that, while agent 007 never waned with regard to his popularity, the former black ops agent is more relatable because he is modern with anti-establishment figures that goes against the system, whereas the British spy had values in the 1960s, drinks Martinis, kills people, and jokes about it.

Jason Bournehits theaters starting July 27.

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