The experts have been hard at work finding the perfect castfor the fourth season of 'Married At First Sight'.The show is based on a social experiment in which the cast is selected by the experts and matched for an arranged marriage. There are aseries of tests for compatibility as well as counseling sessions to give the experts a good idea of each candidate and their expectations going in. Once the candidates are selected and paired the planning begins. They will not meet, talk or even see pictures of each other prior to the door opening for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Let's meet the experts

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is a Sociologist, Pastor Calvin Robertson who is a Marriage Counselor and Rachel DeAlto is a Communication and Relationship expert. The three work closely on'Married At First Sight'to determine which candidates would have the best opportunity for a successful relationship.

Season 4 cast members

'People' tells us the cast members for this season of 'Married At First Sight' are:

Tom Wilson, age 28, is a Yacht Interior Specialist. He attended college in Texas andhas lived in Hawaii.

He now calls Miami home and lives in a RV that has been converted to a luxury tour bus. His long term relationship ended and he hasn't met the woman he is looking for.Lillian Vilchez, age 24, is a Real Estate Agent. She is very career focused since her bad break up. Her parents divorced when her mother found out that her father had a second family.Nick Pendergrast, age 32, is a Real Estate Agent.

His longest relationship ended two years ago and he is an introvert that wants someone to help him come out of his shell.Sonia Granados, age 33, is a Social Worker, specifically in Foster Care. Her parents are divorced and she has experienced break ups due to infidelity.Derek Schwartz, age 35, works in Marketing.His mom was a single parent to him. He has a fear of failing at something he has committed to so he is showing his faith in the experts to find his perfect match.

Heather Seidel, age 32, is a Flight Attendant. Her parents are the perfect role model for her as to what a relationship should be.

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