After the over-hyped Kasabaa, another movie from Malayalamstar Mammootty named White has graced the screens all around the world on Friday.

This big budget film is directed by Uday Anant, who has previously made Pranaykalam and Mrithyunjay. As we all know, this movie had a delayed release, and it is getting reflected in its initial collections.

Most of the theaters have witnessed an attendance percentage of less than 50%, and this is quite uncommon for a Superstar flick.

Huma Qureshi's presence is the major highlight of this film. The dazzling Bollywood starlet in a recent talk told that her role in this outing is so much peppy in nature, and her words have proved true as her character is the spine of this cinema.

Her onscreen chemistry with Mammootty is absolutely fantastic, and both of them seems like a made for each other Hollywood pair.

For Mammootty, the age is surely in reverse gear, as this 65-year-old man looks more stylish than never before in this film.

Watch trailer video:

The Plot:

He wears luxurious coats, expensive sunglasses and roams through the streets of European cities. The legendary actor has delivered a scintillating performance as Prakash Ray, a billionaire. Huma, who did the character of Roshni Menon too, has done her role with finesse.

This story revolves around a banker who is in his 40's and is a widower. He leads a luxurious lifestyle, and in the course, he falls in love with an IT professional in her 20s.

The remaining part of the flick showcases their journey of love filled with romance, twists and some unexpected thrills.

Whiteis meant for all kinds of audiences. It has adequate commercial elements to hook the fans, and the director has succeeded in crafting an entertainer which will meet the needs of viewers of all genres.

The box-office fate of this Uday directorial is unpredictable, as it is locking horns with Kismat, a show from some young people which has resulted in creating enormous pre-release hype.

If you are a Mammoty fan, go and book the tickets during the weekend.

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