Magic Mike is heading to Las Vegas for a live production of the most arousing movie. Who would have thought years ago as we watched with our eyes popping out of our heads at the hot bodies dancing across the silver screen, that this could be a reality for the lucky ones who venture off to Sin City? This fantasy will be live at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino starting in March 2017. Shows are currently set for Wednesdays and Sundays at 7:30pm and 10:30pm.

Is this your normal tease?

Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL have hypnotized so many fans and this may be the best idea Channing Tatum has had.

The beautiful thing about this show is, it is not your normal male production tease show. They want you to tell them what you want and they will be more than happy to give you such pleasure. Sadly, Channing himself won't be blessing us with his beautiful presence but heis promising to be hands on with how this show is put on. So we still get the magic from Magic Mike. Don't worry, this show will not let you down in any way.The show will recreate the lustful Mythic Club Domina with a 360 degree dance and aerobic tease that will take your adrenaline to a new level.

Choreographer Alison Faulk, who worked onthe first installmentwill be in Las Vegas working on the production.

A little backstory

Magic Mike opened in theaters in 2012 with profits of $167 million worldwide.Themovieis about a character known as Mike the construction worker who moonlights as a stripper. This role was loosely based off of Channing Tatum's experience of being a male exotic dancer. The second installment was Magic Mike XXL and the story was more about the other dancers and less about Mike.

There will not be a third installment, but instead Channing is bringing you this steaming show to satisfy your wishes.

So if you can't wait until March 2017, you can check out Channing Tatum's sexy announcement, and see what is happening with the dancersand otherson the show's Facebook page.

Are you ready to ride that pony?

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