“When the wise man points to the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger,” said Confucius, and we, as a society, still seem, even on social and mass media, not to have learned this lesson.Madonna is in Malawi, and it seems to me that there is more coverage in the media about her fingers than her great work. She is an example to all the world of how, through love and thoughtful charitable work, she is giving a once forgotten-by-the-world country education and basic health. This is instead of funding airports in the desert that do not help the local population, but cronies of those in power in the West.

Malawi is now on track to having the means of flying with its own beautiful wings.

The achievements of Raising Malawi.

So, let us look at the achievements of Raising Malawi, which include education, health and work with the community:

  • 5,600 children now study in schools built with the help of Raising Malawi.
  • Together with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, they promote awareness about HIV/AIDS among 16 to 18-year-olds.
  • Uniforms are provided to the children, so they can focus on learning with no financial preoccupations.
  • Raising Malawi also supports scholarships for secondary students.
  • They are building a state-of-the-art pediatric unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, which serves 700,000 people a year to double the surgeries performed on intensive care children.
  • Raising Malawi helps 600 orphans at Home of Hope, an orphanage, school and farm, including a malaria program which is also environmentally sustainable.

Lessons from a Website.

There are a lotof lessons to be learned by browsing theRaising Malawi Website: did you know that we can use lemongrass to fend off malaria mosquitoes?

It's a simple lesson that demonstrates the real meaning of the word 'independence'; no need for chemicals, just an investment in agriculture, people and a little knowledge of alternative remedies. All such things that can be sourced locally and give a return to the local economy.

Are Madonna’s hands so important, or is what she does with her heart and mind more important to the media?

Please support Raising Malawi. Look at the Moon and not her fingers.

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