Anticipation and speculation are running high about the upcoming Luke Cage TV series, set to debut on Netflix on Friday, September 30, after Marvel released the latest teaser trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con.The Netflix series stars Mike Colter in the title role, along with Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth, Theo Rossi as Shades, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard, Frank Whaley as Rafael Scarfe, and Erik LaRay Harvey as Diamondback

Luke Cage begins after the events shown on Marvel's Jessica Jones, where Luke and Jessica have a steamy relationship -- until, that is, Luke learns that Jessica killed his wife.

The TV series follows Cage as he tries to blend in and get his life back on track after the sabotaged lab experiment that led to superpowers which include skin that is impenetrable and incredible superhuman strength.

Hip hop titles and Marvel diversity

Set in Harlem, New York City in a contemporary time frame, Luke Cage is part of Marvel's push towards more diversity in its superhero universe, including the character of Misty Knight, the first black female superhero in a starring role on TV.As reported in Superherohype, Marvel released the titles of the first three episodes of the upcoming Netflix series at the San Diego Comic-con last week.

Luke Cage Creator/Executive Producer/Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker told attendees at theshow'spanel discussions that along with a hip hop soundtrack, all the episode names would reference song titles by Gang Starr, an East coast hip hop group. He Tweeted the first three episode titles earlier today, with promises of more title reveals every Friday until September 30 when the show premieres.

Crossover characters

Rosario Dawson returns to Marvel TV as Claire Temple -- the helpful nurse who's crossing over from yet another Netflix success story, Daredevil.

When it comes to films, however, according to Jeph Loeb, president of Marvel Television and another Luke Cage panelmemberat Comic-Con, viewers shouldn't expect to see Cage or any other of the TV series characters in any of the Marvel movies.

As quoted in, Loeb explained that the pacing of TV shows and films along with the limited availability of TV actors hamper that angle.

The biggest crossover question, however, remains unanswered. Marvel's Loeb told reporters from Entertainment Tonight that he couldn't reveal whether or not Jessica Jones would be reunited withLuke Cage in his own TV series.

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