Stevie J is finally fed up with Joseline Hernandez and her mission to destroy him. The "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" couple split earlier this year. Every since separating, Joseline has been making some shocking claims about Stevie's secrets with the most recent claim that he was molesting his own daughter being the last straw.

Joseline Hernandez terrorizes Stevie J with rumors after split

Stevie J stayed quiet while Joseline made claims that he preferred gay adult films. She even went on a social media rant about whether she should share the secret now or wait until the "LHHATL" reunion show. To further push the issue, Joseline even posted receipts and a letter from the supposed lie detector test that she took which was supposed to prove that Stevie was into some weirder bedroom antics than fans already knew about.

When no one really cared what kind of late night films Stevie prefers, Joseline Hernandez stepped it up a bit. During Season 5 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Joseline told Mimi Faust that Stevie J had fathered two new babies and was currently paying child support for at least one.

After Mimi and Stevie investigated one of those supposed children with aspiring rapper Promise B. Mae, it was revealed that not only did they not have a child together but they didn't even know each other. It was during a very revealing episode that Promise had to admit that Stevie was a total stranger to her and that she was using a story about an affair with Stevie and a pregnancy afterward to get attention for her own career.

Fast forward to the latest claim, where Joseline Hernandez said that Stevie J was a child molester and his father is too in a recent tweet that went viral. It looks like that pushed Stevie over the line and now the music producer turned "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star wants to make sure that Joseline stays far, far away from him.

Temporary order will keep Joseline away

On Wednesday, Stevie J filed for a temporary restraining order that will keep Joseline Hernandez away from him. In it, the Reality TV star says that Joseline is jealous and volatile. Stevie said in the filing that Joseline has been going out of her way to get revenge ever since their split.

Now, the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" starlet has been ordered to stay 200 feet away from Stevie at all times. That will make filming for upcoming "LHHATL" seasons pretty hard to do together. It'll be interesting to see which one of them will leave the show or maybe it will be both of them.

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