Season 2 of "Little Women Atlanta" premiered on Lifetime on Wednesday. During the brand new episode, the women all gathered to plan a baby shower for Ashley "Minnie" Ross. The reality TV star initially told her friends that Pastor Troy was the father of her child and she told everyone that she was in a relationship with him. Now Minnie has been forced to admit that there never really was a relationship to begin with.

Now fans want to know if she was also lying about the paternity of her baby. 

Pastor Troy denies relationship with Minnie

It's not just "Little Women Atlanta" fans who want to know who is Minnie's baby daddy. After Pastor Troy told everyone that he was friends with Minnie but definitely not her boyfriend, her fellow cast members also questioned who might be the father of Minnie's baby. It looks like we'll all find out too because Pastor Troy asked for a DNA test. 

During the "Little Women Atlanta" Season 2 premiere, Monie asked Minnie point blank who the father of her child was.

Of course, Minnie blew up and now the season has experienced the first big drama with plenty more sure to come. 

Monie isn't the only member of the Lifetime reality show cast who is questioning Minnie's pregnancy and spreading a lot of gossip. During the first episode, fans also saw the Tiny Twins Andrea and Amanda Salinas when they got together with Monie and Ms. Juicy to talk about Minnie and Pastor Troy. 

Is Minnie even pregnant?

If it turns out that Minnie isn't even pregnant, the entire "Little Women Atlanta" cast is going to be in an uproar.

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During another clip, while Minnie was talking to her mom, she admitted that she may just have a late period and not be pregnant at all. Is it possible that Minnie is making up the entire pregnancy story with Pastor Troy in order to maintain a dramatic storyline? That would be really messy but it sure would get everyone riled up. Even if Minnie's pregnancy news was just an honest mistake, she's pretty bold to put the information on reality TV without confirming her pregnancy first and for pointing fingers at Pastor Troy as the father after spending the entire last season pretending to be in a relationship with him. 


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