Lisa Vanderpump loves dogs in all shapes and sizes. She's spent her time onThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsdefending her decision to adopt dogs on a regular basis and she's often adopted another pet while filming the show. But her love is for all animals, not just dogs. Last season, she traveled across the country to see if she could adopt a small pony for her husband. And no one would ever suspect that Vanderpump would give her pets anything but love. But according to a new tweet, Lisa Vanderpumpis now being accused of treating her dogslike humans and not letting them be dogs.

What caused Twitter follower to slam Lisa Vanderpump?

The drama started on Twitter, when Vanderpump decided to share a video of her dog playing the piano. Of course, it is Lisa's fingers that are doing the playing and the dog is just resting on her hands. So, technically, the dog isn't playing the piano but they sure look like they are enjoying one another's company.

"Prince Harry telling it like it is #poundtothepalace #cleartheshelters," Vanderpump revealed in her tweet, sharing a cute video of the dog playing the piano.

“Dogs should be running about, barking and sh*tting in the garden, not playing the bloody piano! #nothuman #canine,” one Twitter follower wrote in disgust of how Lisa isn't letting the dog be a dog.

“He was actually in a cage 14 hrs a day then dumped at the pound, he now lives with me and loves playing the piano lol bugger off,” Lisa Vanderpump replied to the Twitter follower, clearly having an argument as to why she's treating her pets with such love and care.

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Lisa’s fate with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Just last week, Lisa hinted that she would be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsif she could continue to market the various causes she was focusing on. She wanted to spend more time marketing her efforts with Yulin and her work with the LGBT community. It sounds like she's not staying for the drama.

What do you think of Lisa Vanderpump being criticized for the way she's handling her dogs?

Do you think it's a fair criticism?

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