Lindsay Lohan's life just got a whole lot more interesting tonight. The "Mean Girls" star hit up Twitter and Instagram slamming her fiance Egor Tarabasov claiming he was out clubbing, and cheating on her with a "hooker." But that is not even the most revealing thing LiLo shared, she also claims she is pregnant!'

Lindsay Lohan reveals all!

At this time Lindsay appears to be convinced that her fiance has been unfaithful.After spending several months denying their engagement the news was finally confirmed in April.

However, tonight Linds is all fired up and she is revealing all via social media confirming relationship troubles and a baby all in one evening of ranting.

Will the story change?

At this time, however, it has not been confirmed as to whether or not Lohan is really pregnant, or if she was just experiencing a bit of a dramatic, attention-grabbing social media meltdown after having a falling out with her mega-wealthy fiance.

Lindsay and Egor's engagement was confirmed last Spring revealing that Egor popped the question in London, where up until tonight possibly the couple is currently living together.

Lohan engagement confirmed.

They dated eight months before the engagement, but it looks as if now they may have hit a major rough patch in their relationship, one that might be hard to bounce back from.

Lohan showed her man no mercy posting photo evidence of her boy toy enjoying a night out at a local club.

Lohan family drama continues.

The Lohan family, however, are well known for their dramatized lives making celebrity news headlines for the past several years.

Some of Lohan's social media followers began congratulating Lindsay on her alleged pregnancy, and some began questioning whether or not Lindsay may have been hitting the bottle causing her social media outburst.

Gossip Cop has revealed that they have reached out to Lohan's people looking for confirmation and any juicy details on her possible pregnancy reveal.

So far, though, no one but Lindsay is talking, however, tomorrow may bring an entirely different story from Lohan. Stay tunes this news is under investigation.

Do you believe Lindsay Lohan is ready to become a momma or is she still just too much of a hot mess to even be joking about such a life changing event?

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