Lindsay Lohan shocked fans announcing that she's pregnant, and her dad Michael Lohan confirmed saying Lohan told him about her pregnancy.

LiLo further upset her fans when she was seen in photos smoking and drinking.

That fertilized fears for the health of the baby if Lohan is in fact expecting.

Crazed calls to police from LiLo and fights with boyfriend Egor Tarabosov prompted more concern. But the pregnancy rumor was debunked by a friend, who said Lohan only did it to get a reaction from people.

Lindsay Lohan uses 'Labor Pains' as pregnancy reveal

In a 2009 movie "Labor Pains" Lohan played a woman who faked pregnancy.

So when she tagged this movie as a pregnancy reveal, some found it ironic and questioned the authenticity of the baby.

Was LiLo saying in fact that she was pregnant, or was it a joke, like--"psych, not really, like the movie, get it?" Or is the friend, who knows Lohan's habits, correct that it was just done for attention?

As per dad Michael Lohan backing up Lindsay's story, the friend says he has a habit of sharing intimate details about his daughter's life, also, perhaps for the notoriety.

So pregnancy rumors from an attention-seeking family would be in character. And faking a baby is one of the most common attention-getters.

Lindsay Lohan drinks and smokes while pregnant?

Fans have come to expect outlandish behavior from the "Mean Girls" actress, but seeing her "pregnant" drinking and smoking cigarettes while ostensibly newly pregnant was beyond the pale.

A few days ago, Lohan had ranted at her boyfriend Egor Tarabasov had cheated on her with a "Russian hooker" Dasha Pasevkina.

Boyfriend was seen removing possessions from Lohan's home. That caused some question, but the booze and smoking really sealed it.

After making her bombshell announcement, Lohan went on a holiday and hasn't responded to the pregnancy debate.

Earlier she did apologize on social media for her rants at Tarabasov, saying she shouldn't have made her private affairs public.

Then she followed up with the pregnancy reveal and hasn't commented since.

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