Lindsay Lohanis pregnant; this was confirmed by her father, Michael Lohan.These are hard times for the celebrity: she is expecting her first child, and she is single.

The actress broke off her engagement with her boyfriend, the Russian millionaire Egor Tarabasov.Lindsay reported to Tarabasov for domestic violence; then she exposed all the drama on social media.

Her boyfriend decided to leave the mansion that shared with her and Michael Lohan accuses to Tarabasov of being a coward.

Lindsay wants the baby

Lindsay Lohan is 30-year-old; she wants to have babies, regardless of her emotional state.Tarabasov is 23-year-old and certainly not ready to be a father, but still, does not know if the break is final.

The 'Mean Girls' star loves the idea of being a mother; she had relationships with men who had children and handled well.

She likes children because she has a highly developed maternal instinct. She doesn`t mind being a single mom, but she doesn't want to expose her private life as she did so far.

LiLo in love

The actress and the Russian business heir started dating in December 2015 and were engaged in April 2016. She has been living in London for several years with the intention to keep alow profile.

Until a few years ago, the press only spoke about her drug addiction and scandalous romances. She got tired of all that and thought she had found her soul mate in Tarabasov.

Lindsay wanted to lead a quiet life with him, but everything collapsed a few days ago when she accused him of having cheated with prostitutes.

But something worse happened: the actress accused the business person of wanted to kill her after she exhibited her drama in social networks.

Then she regretted her exhibitionist attitude and apologized to the public. Her life has returned tochaos, and she wants to regain the peace that had found some months ago.

She wants to protect herself and the baby on the way. The celebrity plans to move away from the media because she doesn't want to risk her pregnancy in this difficult time.

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