Omarion and Apryl Jones recently broke up and revealed their new single status online. It didn't take long for Bow Wow, who is BFFs with Omarion, to also comment on his friend's sudden single status in one of the tackiest Instagram posts ever. Now, Apryl has responded to the rapper's post and the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star wants fans to know that she's not even upset about how her ex-fiance'sfriend feels since his loyalty was never with her anyway.

Bow Wow celebrates Omarion's 'freedom'

"Bro you got your freedom! We can hang again!!!" Bow Wow wrote on Instagram after news broke of Omarion and Apryl's split. Then the rapper went on to tell his friend that he wants to take him to the strip club because apparently, he thinks the only way to mend a broken heart is through strippers and other random women.

Nevermind how insanely tacky Bow Wow's post to Omarion was.

The "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" couple have two small children together. The breakup of their family is not something worth celebrating and many fans have criticized the rapper for being so happy that his best friend's kids are now going to be raised in a broken home.

Apryl Jones shows class in response

Apryl Jones responded to the huge insult in the classiest way possible, further proving just how tasteless Bow Wow's comments really were.

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She made it quite clear that Bow Wow is friends with Omarion and not her. She even wrote that his post may have been positioned for a media response and not necessarily because their breakup was a good thing. To further drive home just how much Bow Wow's jab didn't bother her, Apryl made sure to let everyone know that right now she is just focused on being a good mom.

Rumor has it that Apryl and Omarion's breakup happened because the pair just fell out of love.

Sad news for the Reality TV couple who recently introduced their second child together. Now Apryl is reportedly looking to move out and get on with her life post-breakup with Omarion and definitely without his friend Bow Wow's very uncalled for commentary. Neither Apryl nor Omarion is expected to return to "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" on VH1 for the upcoming season.

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