Joseline Hernandez revealed last week that she is pregnant. The problem is, fans of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta don't believe her. Joseline claims that Stevie J is the father of her alleged baby and even he says he doesn't think his former fake wife is with child. So is the Puerto Rican Princess telling the truth or is she just pulling another, very disturbing publicity stunt?

Is Joseline Hernandez really pregnant?

It all started when Joseline posted a picture of her normally toned belly on Instagram. This time around, the LHHATLstar was either really bloated, had eaten a huge meal or she was newly pregnant.

After fans teased the reality TV star for making up the pregnancy story, Joseline took what many believe is just another stunt way too far.

Joseline Hernandez' next move was to post a picture of herself sitting in a meeting. In the caption, the reality star announce that baby Joseline was very hungry. Then Hernandez decided to up the ante on her pregnancy claims even more by posting an ultrasound picture to social media.

'LHHATL' star posts, then deletes ultrasound photo

The problem with the ultrasound picture that Joseline Hernandez posted is that she turned around and deleted it almost as fast as she put it up. The ultrasound photo that has been making the rounds on the internet is a screenshot of the original that Hernandez posted while claiming to be pregnant with Stevie J's baby.

So far, Joseline hasn't bothered to issue an official statement about her pregnancy news. Even Stevie J has spoken out and it looks like he doesn't believe the news. Stevie wrote, "Time will tell" on Twitter, just days after the pregnancy rumors began to swirl.

As for why Joseline would feel the need to claim that she is pregnant?

Right now the LHHATLstar has been busy trying to trash Stevie J in every way that she can. Since their split just months ago, Joseline has gone so far as to claim that Stevie had two other babies that he was keeping a secret. Then when that didn't work, she claimed that Stevie was really into gay adult films and even took a lie detector test to prove it.

Apparently, Love & Hip Hop Atlantafans either weren't impressed with Joseline's claims or they really just didn't care. Rather than leave Stevie alone, she amped up the attacks and even went so far as to claim that Stevie is a pedophile and that he may have even molested his daughter Eva.

As Joseline Hernandez' claims get more outlandish, those who believe her become fewer. Do you think the LHHATLstar is really pregnant or is this just another crazy story from the Puerto Rican Princess?

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