Leslie Jones has been under attack since Monday morning. It began when Leslie tweeted out: "Some people on here are fucking disgusting. I'm blocking your filthy ass if retweet that perverted shit. Just know that now bitches!!" After that, Leslie began taking screenshot photos of some of the messages she was receiving. Random users have been mocking her appearance, calling her slurs, and comparing her to Animals. What caused the sudden flood of hatred isn't completely known,but it appears like supporters of the original Ghostbusters franchiseare upset about the reboot, which was released last Friday.

'Ghostbusters' has caused quite the stir

The trailer for the new movie has receivednearly 1 million dislikes since it's initialreleaseon March 3rd. Fans of the original franchise questioned why there needed to be a reboot at all, let alone a reboot starring four women instead of four men. The entire cast and crew have dealt with a lot of backlash for the film, but it appears like some fans are targetingLeslie specifically.

When sexism and racismcollide

What we're seeing now can be described asmisogynoir, which is misogyny aimed at black women, where race and gender both play roles in bias.

While I'm confident all the members of the Ghostbusters castare dealing with harassment, the specific insults hurled at Leslie wouldn't work the same for her white co-stars.

Comparing African Americans to animals (specifically monkeys and gorillas) has a very ugly history.

It was a tool used to dehumanize black citizens and justify their enslavement and mistreatment. When trolls compare Leslie Jones to Harambe, the gorilla that was murdered earlier this year, they're attempting to strip her of her humanity.


It's important to note how misogyny affects women of different races, sizes, and backgrounds. White women will not face the same obstacles as Leslie Jones or other women of color.

It is only through understanding that we can be better equipped to handle situations likeLeslie's.

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