Leonardo DiCaprio was seen getting close and intimate whilst at Malibu Beach with his current model girlfriend Nina Agdal. Leo and his new gf were enjoying a romantic break on Malibu Beach last week and seemed to be the happy couple.

The photos finally confirm the weeks of rumors, Nina is one of the most desire women in the world and she clearly had the ability to resist the famous actor’s charm until she could be reassured that she wasn’t just another one of his countless models.

Leonardo DiCaprio is 17 years older than new girlfriend

Leonardo and the Victoria’s Secret Angel were photographed frolicking around in the water and kissing passionately. There is a 17 year age gap between The Revenant actor and the Danish model but it does not seem to effect them. DiCaprio is known for dating beautiful models, particularly Victoria’s Secret Angel models.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nine Agdal show first display of PDA

The couple have apparently been dating for around two months and met back in May when Leo invited Agdal to the Cannes Film Festival.

Since the beginning of their romance things seem to just be getting more and more heated, the time of public make out sessions has arrived, and they aren’t trying too hard to hide the passion, with this being their first sign of PDA.

Up until now the couple have been seen attending the same events, but had never actually been photographed together. Leonardo has always gone for women younger than him, Nina is actually two years older than his previous girlfriend Toni Garrn who was only 21-year-old.

Leonardo DiCaprio had to work hard when courting Nina

A source close to the ‘Great Gatsby’ actor said “Leo invited Nina to Cannes and she hung out with him and his friends. Leo definitely courted Nina in the beginning. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t just another one of his models. They’re really happy and having a lot of fun together.”

It is too early to tell whether their relationship will develop into something serious but no doubt the young Sports Illustrated model has her reservations about the ‘Titanic’ actor who has dated a long list of famous and beautiful women.

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