“America Ninja Warrior” is an event like no other. An action-packed competition TV series that melds sport with game show, “American Ninja Warrior” puts its participants through a lot -- much to the bemusement of live audiences. Inspired by the popular Japanese television series known as “Sasuke,” the show features a challenging obstacle course that competitors must defeat in order to win a cash prize.

LEGO obstacles

The toy giant, LEGO, is also amused with the series and they have subsequently released a series of stop-motion-animation videos featuring the LEGO Ninjago line.

LEGO Ninjago is an original LEGO property that includes playsets as well as an action-comedy animated television series. The show -- which is set in a fictional land known as Ninjago -- follows the adventures of six ninja characters. Hence the pairing between this particular LEGO property and the action-packed game show is quite sensible.Essentially, each short stop-motion video recreates the obstacle course challenges featured on the program in LEGO form. In July of 2016, a new video was released that takes viewers behind-the-scenes as the LEGO characters train for their miniature version of “American Ninja Warrior.”

This playful video is modeled after the show’s segment that chronicles contestants’ training routines which is consistently very popular with viewers.

In this most recent LEGO video, real life contestant, Kristine Leahy is rendered in minifigure form in order to take viewers into a brick-built home gym where popular LEGO Ninjago characters and minifigure versions of favorite contestants are preparing for their chance to be named the champion.

New ninja media

This video, released on July 11, is the second of four LEGO stop-motions that will be released over the duration of the 2016 “American Ninja Warrior” season as part of their #LEGOANW series.

Moreover, a full-length feature film based on the LEGO Ninjago play theme is scheduled to be released in theaters in September 2017.To watch the video, YouTube search “Ninja Train for American Ninja Warrior -- LEGO Ninjago -- Stop Motion.” To learn more about LEGO Ninjago, check out the official website of LEGO.

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