After taking nearly a month off between episodes, John Oliver had a lot of ground to cover regarding the election season.

He made sure the coverage was worth the wait by taking a closer look at the foundation of the claims made by the Republican Party and cross-checking them with his favorite tool – Cold, hard facts!

A choice to forget

The opening segment focused on two politicians who have been getting a lot of media attention over the past couple of weeks.

Tim Kaine has been picked by Hilary Clinton to be her running mate and the reactions regarding this choice have been less than overwhelming.

Oliver focused on the image that Kaine has amassed over the years, and although nothing Sinister pops out of his background, nothing interesting can be said about the candidate either. Oliver then turned his attention towards the new British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Oliver is tough with every foreign country, but he also has a tendency to be especially tough on any issues originating from his home country – U.K.

Oliver pointed out the oddity behind choosing a person like Johnson for a post as important as British Foreign Secretary.

A hilarious video showing Boris reacting to some of his own earlier comments involving personalities like Hilary Clinton proved exactly why he was a terrible choice for the job.

And Now…

The filler segment 'And Now' was especially brilliant this week. Oliver offered an unapologetic take on the life and contributions of Roger Ailes, the former Fox News CEO and Chairman who passed away recently.

Instead of focusing on anything positive about Ailes, Oliver used this opportunity to point out the role of Fox News in diluting the quality of journalism over the years by creating an epic montage of their fails over the years.

The second filler segment featured hilarious scenes from the recently concluded Republican National Convention.

Tainted and Biased Values

The Republican National Convention created a lot of buzz for all the wrong reasons this year, but instead of focusing on the blooper reel of the convention,

Oliver centered his main segment on the party’s propaganda. He began by creating a compilation of all the low-profile celebrities and politicians who gave their vote of approval for Trump.

This included kind words from his own son and daughter, along with words of approval from people like Antonio Sabato Jr.

The segment then featured Trump’s own speech during the convention and the many claims he made regarding the degradation of America over the years.

Scare Tactics

Trump and his candidates seemed quite focused on creating a hostile environment inside America, claiming that the people ‘feel’ scared, unsafe and vulnerable.

Oliver points out that the candidates don’t seem very concerned with the facts regarding the crime rates or development of America, but instead, make tall claims regarding the emotional state of the country.

The segment manages to flip the ‘Make America great again’ claims by Trump by featuring an unflattering clip from the billionaire’s ‘The Apprentice’ days. You can catch the entire segment here.

Music moves votes

Last week tonight with John Oliver is a serious show by most counts, but sometimes they feature segments purely for its comedic value.

The final segment this week discussed the use of songs created by famous musicians during election season in order to subtly swing the votes.

The unlawful use of art for political reasons has been a problem for several years now, and in order to finally put the issue to rest, the show created a catchy and hilarious track that featured some big names.

This included contributions from the likes of Michael Bolton, Sheryl Crow, Josh Groban and Usher, who laid out their point of view regarding the matter using their incredible vocal range. You can catch the entire segment here.

What did you think of the Republican National Convention this year?

Will the Democrats put up a better show? Please post your comments below.

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