Lamar Odom is meant to be back on track to building his life and staying on the straight and narrow, but a source close to the former NBA player has revealed that he is just continuing to destroy his body. Lamar took a fatal overdose at the end of last year and was hospitalised, causing even the doctors to doubt whether he would make a full recovery, or recover at all.

Lamar Odom will end up in hospital again

The famous basketball player was hospitalised in October of last year after overdosing and abusing his body and leaving himself with just a 50/50 chance of survival.

As soon as Khloe Kardashian received the call about her ex-husband she rushed to his side and helped look after and nurse him back to health, making sure she was by his side 24/7, yet now it seems she has even more reason for concern as the sport-star drinks to excess and has to be escorted off a plane.

Lamar vomits on plane due to excess drinking

Lamar has recently been spotted leaving a strip club after having been taken off a flight due to vomiting on board. A source close to Odom has expressed their concerns saying he “is back to treating his body worse than ever.

Lamar’s near death experience affected a lot of people. Especially Khloe. She put her life on hold for weeks to be by Lamar’s side at the hospital. It was awful for Khloe to get the phone call that Lamar had overdosed.”

The sources carried on to say “For days she didn’t know if he was going to make it. It infuriates her that Lamar is back to his old ways.

Khloe was really hoping that the awful hospital experience would have a positive affect on Lamar, but it’s really been the opposite.”

If Lamar Odom carries on like this his body will crash

The worry for everyone around Lamar and his friends and family is that there will be a repeat of the situation in October where they received phone calls informing them that Lamar was in hospital in critical condition.

Lamar needs to be extremely careful as his vital organs were seriously damaged after the incident last year, he suffered 12 strokes and was facing serious heart failure. On top of this he needs to start looking after himself better as he is a father, and so needs to prevent leaving his two kids fatherless.

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