Kylie Jenner (18) posted a strange photo to her social networks: there, she is with her boyfriend Tyga (26), and she wrote'Mr. and Mrs.'Still it's not known if this is a joke or if they really were married in secret. Her mother, Kris Jenner, is so terrified. Kim Kardashian, her most famous daughter, married in secret when she was only 20-years-old, and the marriage was a disaster. As Kylie admires her sister, the momanager feared that had done the same.


It all started when she went for a walk with her best friend Jordyn Woods, while talking with her she referred to Tyga asher husband.

At night she went partying with her boyfriend and there she climbed a photo to her social networks, there we can see her face on the legs of the rapper, to add more confusion she wrote 'Mr. and Mrs'. Also, it should be noted that Tyga is living at Kylie's mansion, but it is not known whether the arrangement is permanent or temporary.

Cross couples

Kris Jenner's worst nightmareis to see her daughter married to Tyga, which is understandable because her son Rob Kardashian is engaged to the former girlfriend of the rapper, Blac Chyna, with whom she has a son. If Kylie marries Tyga, Kris fears that her family will live awkward moments all the time. If she accepted Chyna as her daughter it is because she saved Rob from depression, so Kris is very grateful to her.

The momanager thinks that Tyga is a little thing for her daughter.

Kylie and her boyfriend were separated for a month, but they got back together with more passion, and feel that marriage would be the best option for them. Kris thinks in a very different way: Kylie is very young to marry, and she has to do many things before settling in Hollywood as a real star, for example.

Kylie is very successful as a model, a reality star, and as a businesswoman. Perhaps a marriage would halt her development and of course, her mother does not want that to happen.

Kylie doesn`t talk about her boyfriend to her mother because she knows that she does not agree with that relationship.

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